Is TubeMate for PC Available for the Windows Users?

Whether you are using a video downloader or downloading video contents right from online, you must know that there are a number of downloading apps available to us, ever since the advent of YouTube. Out of all the video downloaders available, TubeMate serves the best to its age-old users. Not only does it offer a free service but TubeMate also happens to deliver an impeccable speed of download. This, indeed, is an excellent facility featured by this particular application. While TubeMate is popularly renowned among Android users, the question here is, is TubeMate for PC available? Read on to know about this.

Is TubeMate for PC a Possibility?

Many of you may think that TubeMate for PC is not available. But that certainly doesn’t end our discussion right here. With the evolution of smartphone industry, we have got hands on apps that are not available on the official sources, which also include this particular TubeMate app. The only thing possible here is, you can use a particular hack and download TubeMate for PC very efficiently. The hack is an Android emulator that will serve you best, and you can explore the wide range of videos and download them accordingly.

Download Tubemate for Windows PC

How to Use TubeMate for PC?

Here, we will use the best emulator available in the market, and that is none other than the YouWave Android emulator. But before that, the minimum system requirement is the most important thing to look at.

  • OS- Windows 10, 8.1/8, or even 7
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Internal storage- As per download requirements
  • Fast Internet Service

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Now the steps-

1# Download YouWave emulator from its official website. There are two versions available- one is the free and other is the premium one. We will ask you to pay for the premium version, as it comes ad-free.

2# Install it on your Windows device.

3# After it gets installed, download TubeMate latest apk file and store it somewhere feasible.

4# Now you have to launch the emulator.

5# Visit ‘Downloads’ and search the .apk file of TubeMate.

6# Right click on the .apk file and ‘Open With’ YouWave Android emulator.

7# It will automatically install the video downloader. You can get the app in the ‘All Apps’ section and explore it accordingly.

Wrap Up

Now that we have given you a satisfactory guide to download TubeMate for PC, you can proceed with the aforementioned steps. And let us know via the comment section, in case of any difficulty.


Getting MovieBox for iPhone 7 is Easy Now! Just Follow the Downloading Method Here!

MovieBox is a free app that provides movies and television series with HD content, and there is an option for streaming and downloading too. Thus it is a very wise decision to get the app on your phone. It is basically an Android app which we can easily get for iPhones too by using an Android emulator. Here we are sharing the process of how to get MovieBox for iPhone 7.

Moviebox for iPhone 7
Download Moviebox for iPhone 7

How to Download MovieBox for iPhone 7

Navigate Safari on your iPhone. Tap on the button on the top of the page labeled ‘Regular.’ This should show a green ‘Download Now’ button. Tap on it.

You should get a pop-up asking you if you want to install the Tutu Helper app on your device. Tap on the ‘Install’ button, and it will begin to install on your device like a normal app store app.

Once the app has been installed, now open the Settings of the Phone and navigate to General and then to Device Management.

Now tap one of the menus within this page until you find the one containing TutuHelper. Tap ‘Trust’ twice, and it will be done.

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Next, open the TutuHelper app and swipe to the right a couple of times, and then tap on the ‘Start Now’ button to go to the main menu.

Go to the search bar on the top and then type ‘MovieBox’ into it.

The first option will be the official MovieBox application and tap on it to load the install page for the MovieBox app.

After the loading is finished, tap the green ‘Get It Free’ button at the bottom of the page. The app should now begin to download the TutuHelper app.

How to download Moviebox for iPhone without Jailbreak

When the app finishes downloading, you should get a pop-up asking if you want to install the app. Tap on it, and it should now begin installing as we do from the store app.

When the app will be installed, it will not open due to the untrusted program developer and to solve it you again have to open the Settings app and navigate to General and then Device Management.

Tap on ‘Trust’ twice, and the app will become trusted.

Finally, you will be able to open and use Movie Box on your iPhone.

MovieBox for iOS 10 without Jailbreak

Final words

MovieBox for iPhone 7 can be perfect to satisfy all your movie quest. Thus don’t waste time and just choose the app for your phone.

Firestarter Apk For Android: Why And How to Download it

When it comes to great online streaming services, it is very hard to replace the biggest player in the market: the Amazon Fire TV. Of course, the interface on this device is a bit tough to customize due to Amazon’s understandable reason to control their own intellectual property. This is why the Firestarter Apk for Android has been developed; it helps the user launch the Fire TV on Kodi, and this can be done without having to pay a hefty subscription. In this post, we shall apprise you of the many features of the Firestarter Apk and the process of using it.


Firestarter Apk for Android: Features 

There are a lot of plum reasons why you should use the Firestarter Apk for Android. We have listed some of the most important ones here.

  • The Firestarter Apk will enable the user to click on Kodi TV twice and on Fire TV only once to activate it. It is thus easy to use.
  • The user interface of the app has a pictorial depiction of every function which makes it easy to use.
  • Rooting of the Apk is not essential whether you use it on your PC or your Fire TV.
  • The app is capable of automatically updating.
  • Lastly, the Firestarter Apk will have the option to install and update both SPMC and Kodi directly.

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Firestarter Apk for Android: Steps to Install

These are the steps that you must follow to download and install the app on your device.

  • This guide will show the steps to install the Apk file on various devices like the 1st-gen Fire TV, the 2nd-gen Fire TV, and the Fire TV Stick. For the Windows PC, we shall use Android Debug Bridge or ADB.
  • First, download the Firestarter Apk file and then store it someplace safe, like, say on your desktop where you can easily access it.
  • After the Apk file has been installed, connect to your Fire TV using the ADB facility.
  • Now, enter this command: adb install <path-to-apk-file>. Be sure to change this command: <path-to-apk-file>. Make sure to give a space after the word ‘install.’
  • You can also type in adb install on the sideloading process on the Fire TV using the ADB. The, a Command Prompt window will open. Drag and drop the Firestarter Apk into it. This will complete the patching automatically.
  • A word, “success,” will appear. Wait for it. Once done, you are ready to go.
  • If you wish to sideload other apps, follow: Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.

Wrap Up

Do you have any questions when it comes to using the Firestarter Apk for Android platform? The comments section is where you start.


Mobdro for Windows 10: Here’s how You will Get Going

Download Mobdro for PC

A joy to use, Mobdro app lets you watch all types of HD quality movies without even asking you to pay a single dime for the services provided.  Any user with a fast internet connection on their Android smartphone or tablet is eligible to download Mobdro for Windows 10 and use it efficiently. Efficiency, it is, what developers of Mobdro have offered through its beneficial services delivered to its regular customers. A quick guide is here which will offer you the step-by-step information on how to download Mobdro for Windows 10. As recommended, read below and get in touch with the easiest steps.

Mobdro for Windows 10: A Method to Download

While there are several other applications provided to us, we recommend you to use the one and only Mobdro for Windows 10. With surety, it would be justifiably correct if you crosscheck our views and as us why only Mobdro app, despite the fact that there are many other streaming services available to us at our finger tips. It’s because of the beneficial features provided, starting from a user-friendly interface, HD quality content and more. Mobdro experts work day and night to offer the best services with ad-free contents, which might result in the outbound disturbance, thereby leading to destruction of mind.

Mobdro download for PC
Download Mobdro for PC

Mobdro for Windows 10 comes absolutely for free, but before giving away the steps, here are some quick points. One needs the operating system (in this case the Windows 10 OS) to feature a RAM of 4 GB alongside a native storage of 5 GB in the C Drive (i.e. the mother device). Now head towards the steps to download Mobdro for Windows 10 right below.

1# Every Android app needs an Android emulator to work on any Windows operating system, and Mobdro is nothing exceptional. Specifically, an emulator mimics the Android apps so as to think itself to run on an Android platform. Here we recommend the Nox App Player. First off, download and install the Android emulator

2# There are few trusted sources which can offer you the access to download the Mobdro app. Do so and proceed.

3# Drop the downloaded file somewhere, such that it is easily accessible for you to locate later on.

4# Locate the place and ‘right click’ on it after which, ‘open with’ Nox App Player.

5# Installation of Mobdro for Windows 10 will immediately begin.

6# Reboot your device once the process is over, after which, use the app efficiently with flying colors.

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The Closure

In conclusion, we hope our guide to installing Mobdro for Windows 10 was efficient in bringing you major steps that you need to follow. If any query or question, drop it in the comment section below and reach to us.


Top 5 Playbox HD Alternatives That You Can Use

Once there were those days when all the movie buffs spent a quality time in searching for movies and TV shows online. But now in the busy schedule, it is almost impossible to spend that much time in searching for the entertainment purpose. In such a situation the entertainment apps are becoming real saviors for them.  Playbox is one such app that helps in downloading any movie or TV show. It has some excellent features and is specifically made for the iOS users, where you can download and get the option of video streaming.

But Playbox HD is not the only app that provides such benefits and there are a number of apps that provides the same benefits. Some of them are Hulu, Showbox, Mobdro, PopCorn Time, Sky HD etc. Take a look at them to see how they work:!


Hulu is one of the best alternative apps to the Playbox HD. For favorite TV shows and movies in HD quality you can easily trust on Hulu. It provides shows from FOX, NBC, Disney, CBS, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, PBS, MTV and much more. Hulu has the best collection of anime and cartoon lovers and get updated regularly. But the only negative point of the app is, it is a web based streaming app.


Showbox is another great app that can be equivalent to Playbox. Created for the iOS devices, this app works on the latest iOS 10 or 9 too. Known to be a user friendly app, Showbox is stylish and easy to use. It is one of the best apps to watch movies and TV shows online with super fast speed.


Mobdro is another great app to be known as an alternative to Playbox HD App. This app can be easily downloaded on your iOS devices for free. Mobdro comes with lots of great features like Chrome Casting, TV Casting. Mobdro finds the free video streams online and helps in streaming.

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PopCorn Time

PopCorn Time App is also an alternative app for playbox hd application. Many users are using this app. It’s easy to handle because it’s category wise as like other movie apps. PopCorn Time has plenty of subtitles to choose from and has changeable interface and language. The user can connect the device to your smart TV. This app is very popular too!

Sky HD

Sky HD one of the best streaming movie application. It has far better picture than most of its competitor’s easy access to mere movies and TV shows. But this app has certain issues too; like PlayBox, it is not free and the user s need to have at least 1368 X 768 resolution display to watch HD movies. It does not provide HD quality movies.

Wrap Up

These are the list of the best alternatives of PlayBox and with these; your entertainment dose for a day can be easily fulfilled. So get the apps and try them to choose the perfect entertainment app for you.

Get familiar with the brilliant app Cartoon HD

Cartoons have made our childhood a bit more memorable, with all its interesting shows and characters. We used to spend a couple of hours, almost lost in those shows. Still one of the fascinating parts of our innocent days, we cherish those memories. Now imagine if all those evergreen characters are coming to you at just one tip of your finger!

Yes, now we have that opportunity with a great app Cartoon HD. This app provides all the cartoon shows and movies that can entertain the elders as well as the young ones. So here we are about to discuss Cartoon HD(, especially the features of this app and the alternatives.


Cartoon HD Features

  • Cartoon HD has mainly created for satisfying the demands of cantons for the avid cartoon lovers. But apart from the cartoons, this app also offers popular TV shows and movies. So we can say, this Android app covers almost all the genres of entertainment, and that is undoubtedly the best part of it.
  • This is a free app and does not add any hidden cost, even at the time of downloading. The user can enjoy all the facilities of the app absolutely free.
  • Users’ interface is easy to control. All the users have to do is just download the application, install it and use on your respective devices.
  • The app offers offline mode too. Cartoon HD also allows the users to watch the videos, TV shows and movies while they are offline. The user can download movies even in the offline mode.
  • Even your internet speed does not stop you from watching the HD quality videos, as the user can choose different quality videos too, starting from 144p to 480p.
  • Cartoon HD updated the library on a regular basis and also keeps its users updated about the latest cartoons, TV series and movies.
  • This application supports HD quality videos and does not trouble the users with the annoyance of buffering much.

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Cartoon HD Alternatives

Although this app is a great application by its own right, that does not mean you will not try any other streaming applications. There is also a certain complication of downloading and installing the app on certain devices. If you fall to be one of the unlucky ones who has not been able to take the benefits of Cartoon HD, we have given a list of the best alternatives of Cartoon HD, which serves the same purpose with efficiency.

  1. Popcorn Time: this too is a free app that offers latest movies, television series and cartoons. You can both stream and download all the favorite shows and movies.
  2. Showbox: this is one of the most popular entertainment apps that helps the users with movies, cartoons and TV series.
  3. Moviebox: almost same as Showbox, but at times not available for certain iOS devices.
  4. Cinemabox: another great app for movie lovers, where one can stream and download any movie and cartoons and television series absolutely free.

Hope the readers will get ample information about Cartoon HD here. Cartoon HD is the paradise for all the cartoon lovers, and with downloading the app, the quest for cartoons may come to an end for the users.

SnapTube App Provides its Users The Best Possible Features

The rise in the number of apps these days is one of the most common things. A number of apps are there to do various kinds of jobs. And in each this rise in number can be noticed clearly. However, there is a particular increase in the number of apps which help in downloading or streaming videos from the online media. This is just because of the fact that the demand is increasing and the new apps are coming out with new features which are enhancing the user experience.

As we talk about the popular apps from this genre which helps us in streaming or downloading apps from different sources, only in the online media, there are quite a few names which have come up. And most of those do the same job and serve the similar kind of consumers. But definitely, there are a lot of things which make differences between the apps in this genre. Certainly, there has to be. Otherwise, there would not have been any competition. And among the apps which have managed to stand the test of quality as well as better user experience, we have the SnapTube app.

There is nothing much of a difference apparently between SnapTube and any other app from this genre. But if we delve deep into the features of the apps and the kind of service it provides to its users, there are quite a few. And those are actually the reasons behind the fact that SanpTube is much more popular than a number of apps from this genre of apps which enable a person to download as well as stream online videos, movies TV series and many more. And here we are with an attempt to find out which are things that SnapTube provides the users with more ease than others.


The basic thing is that there is a huge variety of content. And that is quite a strong reason why it is preferred by the users ahead of apps from the same group. There are often situations which force a user to miss out on any movie or any episode of a TV series. SnapTube is ready to provide a solution to the user. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason why one should not go for this app.

Now while finding the desired content often the users of the apps face a number of problems. They need to look out for the content which rather a rigorous process. But when it comes to SnapTube, the user does not need to make too much of an effort as the movies, TV series and other videos are sorted out in a brilliant manner. And that eventually eases things out for the consumer. There’re a number of categories from which one can choose and download or stream that one on the gadget the user is using.

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Above all this app does not charge the users with any sort of hidden charges which is a real bonus if we take into consideration the other apps which come as an alternative to this app. Hence, SnapTube seems to be the best option for one who loves to watch movies or TV series for it fulfills all the requirements to make it one of the best in business.