iOS 11: Check out the latest Quick-type keyboard

With WWDC on Monday, we have analyzed and seen what new features are going to be brought by the original iOS 11. Though many have signed in for the beta version of the new iOS 11, and we are pretty sure that iOS 11 is going to bring the most anticipated Siri to be upgraded and redesigned. With Siri, there are modified male and female voices, which would be more of a mimic of human voices. And translations also will be included, suppose you are asking Siri about “the best hotels in Chinese”; Siri will come up with answers that would be written in Chinese. Though, Apple developers have plans to expand the Apple translation language in the forthcoming future with newly updated iOS.

Apart from Siri updates, Apple makers have also worked hard in manufacturing a quick type keyboard to the age-old users of Apple. Now the keyboards in iPad will use flicks in order to enter symbols and numbers and exclude the usage of a shift key while using the mentioned ones. All keys will be displayed in showing both numbers and letters and a downward swipe and flick can transfer letters to symbols or numbers for users to use it. This way, it becomes intuitive, simple as well as quicker than using a shift key. While on the other hand, holding down on a key will bring some of the characters with some accents into it. Except for 12.9 inches iPad Pro, the new flick feature is available for all the iPads models.


In iOS 11, the lock screen as well as the Notification Centre has been merged and blended into being one entity. While pulling down from the top of iPads’ or iPhones’ display across notification, what comes down is the lock screen, instead of an entirely separate notification window. Once a locked notification was prominently displayed; whereas; the recent notification could be easily accessed by swiping second upward. From the second upward swipe of the display, users are brought to the Home screen of their devices. But now, with the evolution of technology, we have come across that new feature where houses widgets are accessible from the Home Screen and the Lock Screen with just one swipe to the right!

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With the Apple Pencil in mind, two other features have also been added; one is the Instant Notes whereas, the other is the Inline Drawing. In your iPad Pro devices, a tap of Apple Pencil on the Lock screen will immediately take you to the Notes app, whereby you are allowed to access a new document quickly. The Inline Drawing is available in Mail and Notes which allows simple drawing added inside the notes of the users. While using Apple Pencil, Inline Drawing will pop up automatically. However, it is accessible on both iPads and iPhones even without an Apple Pencil.


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