SHAREit App is the replacement for the obsolete Bluetooth technology

Have you been seeking to know what miracle services SHAREit has been tagged with? We are presuming SHAREit has attracted you so much that right now you are in the courage of reading this article. Remember those days when file sharing process was such a difficult task, and we used to count numbers by numbers of what has been sent and what’s still in the process while sharing via Bluetooth? Yes, how can we forget that chaos? Thanks to the innovation of technology. Now we have been offered with various apps in the field of sharing documents. And that’s where SHAREit stands to be the greatest.

But wait…

Have you been using the other sharing app (might be Xender) for your smartphone? And you are unsure whether using the app is safe or not? Our suggestion is, either of the two. Either you switch over to SHAREit ( and experience some miracle changes or just continue using them and remain unsure of what to share and what not. We presume you want to switch over, and that’s why we are going to vividly describe what you need to do if you follow the path like others and walk over SHAREit.

how to download shareit app

SHAREit- How to download the SHAREit  App on your Windows PCs or Laptops

To Download Share it for PC, you need to install an Android Emulator first as it is an ‘Android only’ app. Follow the steps below to install SHAREit on your Windows PC.

STEP 1: First, download the Android emulator on your Windows devices by visiting the official home page of the Android emulator which you are using (BlueStacks, Andy or YouWave).

STEP 2: Install the Android emulator on your device and open the app by tapping on the icon that has been created on your Windows desktop or laptop.

STEP 3: You will have to click on the search menu now that exactly looks like a magnifying glass.

STEP 4: On the search box, type SHAREit. Soon after you type, you will be able to notice a clickable link that will appear on your desktop or laptop’s screen, thereby redirecting you to Google Play Store.

STEP 5: After you complete STEP 4, you will now be asked to set up the feature of synchronization requiring you to log in via your Google account. Downloading SHAREit on your device needs a proper Google ID of your, so you need to go via this step.

STEP 6: Are you done with the login procedure? Well, and good, now return to the search page and now again click the SHAREit link; that will be discovered in the Google Play Store.

STEP 7: On the home page of your Android emulator you will easily get the SHAREit app.  Click on the app in order to install the SHAREit app on your device. Now you can share or receive files on your Windows PCs or laptops.

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Wrap Up… Before you proceed with file receiving or sharing, make sure you install a popular antivirus on your device. As SHAREit is a sharing app, that can also give you virus or malware threats. Otherwise, the app is just for sharing. Note, the app can only be used if both the devices (receiving device alongside sending device) have SHAREit apk installed on them. Enjoy the services of sharing and SHARE the app among your friends too.


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